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Friday… Il pleut

And it is pleuting as I type, in fact this afternoon we have had a little lightning and quite a lot of thunder! However yesterday, although starting off a little overcast soon brightened up into a glorious warm afternoon, I started off mowing the lawn on the ‘big boys toy’ and while I was completing […]

Wednesday… En France!

We had a very pleasant crossing on the fast catamaran on Sunday, the channel almost like a millpond, and warm sunshine, which followed us all the way down to the northern tip of the Dordogne, just south of Limoges. We arrived just in time to see a spectacular sunset, as we opened up the house […]

Saturday… “Well our bags are packed, we’re ready to go”

almost! Most of the packing is done ready for an early start tomorrow to get the 7:00 ferry to France! I am so looking forward to it – and a big thank-you to Sue and Mark for the loan of the house! Not much else to add really (although buying Euros this morning was a […]

Friday… back home

I have ‘cheated’ a little with the last few entries – although the notes were written at the time, I have spent the last couple of days recovering from the flight (I always find going forward in time zones more tiring than going backwards) and writing the blog, editing the photographs, and reviewing some of […]

Tuesday/Wednesday… Homeward bound

The time has gone by quickly, and I am on my way home. The flight departed in the late afternoon, and arrived at Asi in the small hours of Wednesday morning. (4 hours ahead of the Falklands). After refueling it was onwards (and upwards on the map) towards the UK. The journey back was uneventful, […]

Monday… Out and About (bimble time)

Although I haven’t had any motorised transport, I have had the use of my legs (and thumbs) and this morning I went down to talk to the person doing the job I did 8 years ago. It was interesting to hear how the projects had evolved, and that he was facing similar problems to the […]

Sunday.. Gypsy Cove and back to MPA

One of my favourite places in Stanley is Gypsy Cove – a small bay outside Stnley near the harbour entrance. In the Spring and Sumer it is the home of Gentoo and Magellan penguins, but at this time of year there is nothing to see but the empty beaches of gleaming white sand. Many of […]

Saturday… to the shops!

And that is what we did on Saturday morning! It doesn’t take long to walk round Stanley and visit both the shops – both the gift shops and the ‘ordinary’ shops. didn’t take many phots of this – although I have a lot from 2000, and when I get back, I may post some of […]

Friday… Looking cold!

I had a good night’s sleep, but was up reasonably early. I spent a short while arranging an appointment (on Monday) with the person now doing the job I used to do, so I could find out how things had changed. My job was communications related – communications being vital so far away from the […]

Thursday… It’s wet – it’s the Falklands!

I had a good flight down, although he aircraft was late taking off – delayed by about 40 minutes because of a problem with some ground handling equipment. Much to my surprise, I found myself sitting up at the sharp end, instead of down in the back where indulgence passengers usually go. (Indulgence being the […]

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