Friday… Looking cold!

I had a good night’s sleep, but was up reasonably early. I spent a short while arranging an appointment (on Monday) with the person now doing the job I used to do, so I could find out how things had changed. My job was communications related – communications being vital so far away from the UK.

Old HouseI went and had a look at the house I lived in (we christened it ‘The Scout Hut) before carrying on walking round. The morning went fairly quickly, and with we set off in the afternoon for Stanley.Stanley RoadThis aerial view shows a portion of it. This next photograph shows a drivers eye view of the road – and I took this when I was down here 8 years ago – the weather was a bit better at the time!The Roads(Looking at it, I’m not sure it is Stanley Road – but it is representative of the untarmacked bits!) The good bits are more like this! Look carefully and you will also see a roadsign not generally found in the highway code! (This was taken in 2000 – the sign is still there)Stanley Road

We set off for Stanley on Friday afternoon, in very wet and murky conditions. The roads are pretty grim in places – with only relatively short sections tarmacked, and while there is a 40 MPH speed limit, the conditions were such that it took about an hour to cover the 30 miles. However we arrived safely and checked into the Malvina House Hotel in Stanley.

Malvina House HotelI had some friends in Stanley from my last visit in 2000-2001, but we had lost touch over the years so I was keen to see if I could get in touch, although a search of the telephone directory had been unsuccessful. This was a bit worrying, as Anya had also been a lymphoma patient (which was how we came to be introduced… but that’s another story!). So after checking in I went for a walk to where they used to live – and bumped into someone who knew them – and also where in Stanley they live now! And just after I got back to the hotel, I had a phone call so we made arrangements to meet next day.

Finally, we had dinner in the hotel – Upland Goose pate, followed by local rack of lamb – delicious!


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