About… 2008 (Newsletter)

20 December 2008

Unlike most of our friends we have once again been very dis-organised when it comes to Christmas. It has been lovely to catch up with all your lives and hear from people we only tend to communicate with over the Festive period.

Life here has taken on a number of major changes; Peter retired in September and has spent a considerable time in forming his new company, IOTATEC Ltd. (Only a short while before shares will be available – we live in hope!] Already he has a contracting job with the MOD and life has returned to the all too familiar week-ending. He now lives in a hotel from Monday to Thursday and I think finds civilian conditions somewhat different, though the new job has made the world of difference to him and he is enjoying the challenge. He still continues to travel to London for visits to the hospital having ECP on a regular basis, and they keep a watchful eye on him with all the colds and bugs around, which can sometimes cause concern. Just before he lost the privileges of the Navy he went to visit The Falklands for a short break, he still loves the rugged bleak Island and had a wonderful time.

Vicki and Tom are still in the process of home improvements and this year Tom has completed the new kitchen and added a study and utility area downstairs to their house. Livvi is nearly 2 and is absolutely adorable; as they live so close we have the privilege of seeing them quite often and are able to take an active roll as grand parents. Pictures are always available on Peter’s Hospital Diary!

Katie has been away on her placement this year but so far has not had quite the experience she had hoped for. Despite the economic climate she set herself a challenge to move on in the New Year and as ever has succeeded by getting herself a new placement at Southampton Football Club in the events team and we will be welcoming her home at Christmas.

Rachael is in her final year at college but like many of her age is unsure what to do next. Unfortunately she skidded on a patch of black ice in one of the nearby villages and although the car was drivable with the MoT looming she decided to say a fond farewell to her first car and replace Murphy, her Saxo with a non-too cool Punto.

In October I spent 12 days on a trip to Uganda visiting a school with my brother and his Church. It was an incredible experience and one I shall never forget. Prior to that Mother finally decided to move nearer to us and just as the housing market began to fall she sold her house and after a couple of nail-biting months she eventually moved to Botley, a village 4 miles away from us. It has been difficult for her at times, as I know she misses her friends, but she has made huge efforts for which we all admire her greatly.

With the cards written and presents wrapped I can start to plan for ‘Cousin Christmas’ this weekend and put the finishing touches to plans for Christmas Day.

With love and best wishes for this Christmas time and 2009