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Thursday 10th January – No release but some good news!

I was still hoping to get some time out today to nip home, but it was not to be! I have been on fluids most of the day, apart from a brief interlude when I had a visit fro one of the medical team who told me I needed to have a bone marrow biopsy! […]

Monday 7th January… Scantastic!

Well, it all happened last night – or more accurately, this morning as it was 4 minutes past midnight! One of the patients further down the ward started ‘kicking off’ sounds of furniture being smashed, Michael Jackson played at high volume, attempts to do a runner and sounds of restraint by the nurses who were […]

Thursday 3rd January – same old, same old!

It’s a bright morning here in London, and I noticed that while the decor may have changed, hospital routines have not! I have taken some photos of the view from my window and Not the best view, the new cancer centre is on the left (I have now found a way to compress the files) […]

Wednesday 2nd January – Happy New year … from Guys

So it seems that my blog posts are like buses – nothing for ages, then two come along at once! So what, you might be asking, am I doing at Guys, on the Hedley-Atkins Ward in the evening of the second day of the New Year? Read on and I shall explain! You will recall […]

Tuesday 13th November – Taking stock

Well, four years since I last updated the blog – and it has actually been offline for a lot of that time. This has been for two main reasons – the first was that I made some major changes to the software which stopped the blog software from working properly, and as I said in […]

Thursday – 10 April 2014 – catching up – January 2014 – March 2014

So after my last post in October, I am making good with my promise to catch up on the previous few months, so I am making good my promise! New year 2014 stated well, I had friends staying and we went to Winchester Mill on New Years Day. This is a National Trust property and […]

Wednesday 22 October…very embarrassed!

That I have neglected the blog for nearly twelve months :(. I suppose on one side it demonstrates how much I have moved on from the original reason for the blog, to keep me occupied and to chart my progress through long periods of hospital treatment and the subsequent trial, tribulations during the recovery phase. […]

Friday…chilly November Friday!

Time I wrote up a bit more blog – a fairly busy three or four months! So first bit of news is an attempt to get a bit physically fitter. The reason for this is linked to diving! I had ben hoping to go on a diving trip with the dive club to a site […]

Thursday…Autumn upon us…

Oh dear, I really have ignored the blog for the last few months. I guess the highlights of the summer were the Graduation of Rachael from Cardiff University, and me (a day later) with my Master’s degree from Cranfield University. Both days were warm and sunny, and for both of us the culmination of a […]

Sunday… Spring resprung

Seems my blogging has been a bit like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then several arrive at once! I wrote a couple of weeks ago that spring had sprung, when we had an uncharacteristically warm bank holiday after some cold weather. It didn’t seem to last long, but the last week has […]

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