Saturday… to the shops!

MemorialAnd that is what we did on Saturday morning! It doesn’t take long to walk round Stanley and visit both the shops – both the gift shops and the ‘ordinary’ shops. didn’t take many phots of this – although I have a lot from 2000, and when I get back, I may post some of them in the gallery. However this one is worth showing – the memorial to those British Forces who died in the conflict in 1982. Elswhere on the Islands is a memorial to those Argentines who died during the conflict.

I visited the Cathedral Cathedral shown here – taken during a brief snow flurry. The arch outside will again be familiar toanyone who watched the news during 1982 – made of whale rib bones, and a reminder of the once extensive whaling industry that took place in the South Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. I have been in the Cathefdral several times on my previous visit, but for the record, I also took this one of the inside. It is a typical Victorian style Church – but quite moving with the vrious memorials on the walls.Cathedral Interior

This afternnon I went to see my friends Anya nad Migs, and I spent a couple of hours with them, catching up on the years. Time went really quickly, but then it was back to the hotel to get changed, and we went out to the other ‘in’ lace in Stanley – The Brasserie, where I had ceviche and a Uragyan beef steak – delicious!

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