Sunday.. Gypsy Cove and back to MPA

Children at GipsyOne of my favourite places in Stanley is Gypsy Cove – a small bay outside Stnley near the harbour entrance. In the Spring and Sumer it is the home of Gentoo and Magellan penguins, but at this time of year there is nothing to see but the empty beaches of gleaming white sand. Many of the beaches round Stanley are fenced off because they were mined by Argentina – and clearing them is too expensive. However Gypsy Cove is fairly safe, although there are warning signs saying that mines can be washed up from neighbouring beaches. It was a favourite place of the children when we were here as a family, as this picture (taken in 2000) shows. Gipsy CoveThis one shows the whole bay – and as an aside, it is interesting to campare the picture quality – my current digital camera is far better than the one I had then! But it was good to be back there – and it is as peaceful and wild now as it was then. It was also the site of my first ever open water dive! I went for a longer walk up to the headland and found a WW2 gun emplacement – one of 14 built to protect the harbour entrance. We tend to think of the 2nd WW as a European and Far Eastern conflict, but situated on the Eastern side of Cape Horn, it had a strategic importance in both World Wars, and there was a Naval Base at Stanley.Gun
Finally on the way back to Stanley we stopped for another photograph – again one that is iconic (for me) the wreck of “The Lady Elizabeth” an iron built square rigged sailing ship, sitting on the sand at the end of the harbour. There is a closer shot in the gallery, this one shows Stanley, and the harbour. It is possible to wade out at low tide. Finally we headed back to Stanley, via the Seaman’s mission cafe for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, before Angela dropped me off at Anya and Migs’s for an hour, after which we headed back to the base at Mount PleasantHarbour

It was an excellent weekend though – bringing back lots of memories – and renewed friendships!

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