Monday… Out and About (bimble time)

Bertha's BeachAlthough I haven’t had any motorised transport, I have had the use of my legs (and thumbs) and this morning I went down to talk to the person doing the job I did 8 years ago. It was interesting to hear how the projects had evolved, and that he was facing similar problems to the ones I had faced. Not really much I can say about it here, except that I came away feeling quite pleased that all the things my team and I had achieved had delivered most of the expected benefits. I also spotted some of these little birds – nicknamed Military Thrushes – on my walk round.Military Thrush

This afternoon I used my thumbs to hitch a lift down to the port – or more specifically a nearby beach – Bertha’s Beach, named after a long ago shipwreck. It used to be a home to a Penguin colony (about 20 years ago – when I first visited it) but 8 years ago, the penguins had migrated about 4 miles up the beach – which was not only too far for me to walk in the time available, but as it is the wrong time of year, there would be nothing there anyway. The walk down the track used to take about half an hour, and I was pleased to see that I did it in the same time today.

After the brisk walk, and another hitch back the 8 miles or so, I dropped into the cafe for a cup of tea and some millionaire’s shortbread, sit in the church for a few minutes of reflection, and then back to the house.

I must say I feel well – lots of exercise and lots of fresh clean air have worked wonders, and the fact that I have been able to do some of the things I did 8 years ago has been a great morale booster. Time for a big Thank you’ to Angela who hosted me and made the flight arrangements.

I fly back tomorrow, so it will be literally ‘onwards and upwards’!

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