Friday… back home

I have ‘cheated’ a little with the last few entries – although the notes were written at the time, I have spent the last couple of days recovering from the flight (I always find going forward in time zones more tiring than going backwards) and writing the blog, editing the photographs, and reviewing some of the ones I took in 2000/2001 for inclusion!

I will be loading the pictures up to the gallery later today and I will also create a section for some of the older ones – but as there are over a thousand, that might take a while to sort! There is also a small computer snag (a disk drive) I need to sort out sometime, and a blog software update to apply. And I’m sorry the blog wasn’t available while I was away – there was a power cut at home and they all shut down!

It was a great trip on many levels. It was first discussed in Starbucks over 12 months ago, wen Angela met me in London after a check up. It nearly happened in May, but it finally came together and I am very grateful to Angela for arranging things and providing a room. On another level, I was delighted (professionally) to see how things had moved on, and the projects had developed. On the health front, I was very pleased to have made a 14,000 mile round trip, without difficulty – something I might not have contemplated 18 months ago. Better still, I was able to get about on two legs, repeating walks that I had done before – when I was really fit – in much the same time. And finally it was a renewal of many happy memories of places and people from previous visits – including Anya and Migs. And if anyone is interested this link goes to a couple of live webcams from Stanley.

I did have a tremendous appetite while I was down there – a combination of exercise, fresh air and good cooking – so I jumped on the scales when I arrived home – I have put on 1 1/2 lbs! – now just over 10 stone!

Next week it is back to St Thomas’s for some more ECP, but it is very much “Onwards and Upwards”

2 Responses to “Friday… back home”

  1. Richard on 25 Jul 2008 at 6:04 pm #

    Welcome back.

    I thought you had good cooking at home too………you have to be careful what you report 🙂

  2. Peter on 25 Jul 2008 at 6:23 pm #

    Indeed I do – but here my appetite was boosted by the fresh air, and the excercise – and not least using energy to keep warm! Great trip though!

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