Sunday.. warm and sunny!

Hard to believe that this time last week I was 7,000 miles away, looking at snow covered hills! I have pretty much got over the time zone change – I always find travelling forwards across time zones more tiring, but I have had a few fairly restful days. I am back at work tomorrow, although I shall be in London for three days having the next session of ECP and also a haematology check up. However the feeling of well being induced by the trip has continued!

The weather down here has been hot – we had a BBQ yesterday and this afternoon – almost too hot sitting out in the sun!

If you looked at the blog this afternoon, it was down for a while while I did a disk change. (One of the disks in the RAID array was reporting a fault) so I have installed a new drive (and a cable which looked a bit suspect) and I will test the disk later. I think it is probably OK and it was the cable at fault. (It took a bit longer than expexcted – because I was called to do the BBQ just as I had started taking it apart!)

Still, all back online now – time to take a backup!

Onwards and Upwards!

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