Friday…chilly November Friday!

Time I wrote up a bit more blog – a fairly busy three or four months! So first bit of news is an attempt to get a bit physically fitter. The reason for this is linked to diving! I had ben hoping to go on a diving trip with the dive club to a site […]

I’m back!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but after my return from France (which now has an edited headline after my ‘Franglais’ was remarked upon by friend Julia!) I had a busy few days doing some work for a client locally, and then I went back to the Dive Club after a longish absence to discover […]

Thursday… more ECP

I’m writing this from my little room in Gassiot House, the hostel for patients staying for consecutive days of treatment – and it is a bit warmer than I have known it in the past! So this afternoon was the first of the two sessions of the ECP – and as usual, it passed uneventfully. […]

Monday… doesn’t time fly when you are busy!!

I was just looking at the blog and realised it is ten days since I last posted! The cold seemed to stay stable for the rest of that week, and at the weekend, I went up with University friend Faith to Harrogate, where we stayed with Dina (Faith’s flatmate) and had dinner with the other […]

Tuesday… Back at the ‘Ranch’

The ECP passed uneventfully – the Friday morning session seemed to take a long time on the photo-activation stage, but a quick dash to Waterloo, and a stop at M “this is not just food” & S for a sandwich and I was on the train home. It was a computing weekend. I have just […]


A busy weekend with some long awaited jobs completed! A leaking towel rail in the bathroom has been replaced (this started leaking about 6 months ago, and has been isolated, but yesterday I finally got round to removing it and replacing it with a new one. And also on the heating theme (in time for […]

Sunday… updates

More updates – this time on the server – and not all sweetness and light! To recap, the new server has been running Linux, to be precise, Fedora 10. The Fedora Project has just released a new version, Fedora 11, and it is possible to update that on the fly. However, with 1374 of the […]

Thursday… again!

Where is the time going? Half way through the year already and it doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I was gingerly driving up snow covered roads on the way to work, and now we are swltering in the heat! Must be the heat confusing me as the next ECP isn’t for another 2 weeks because […]

Sunday… Overdue for an update!

An update is long overdue, but first, as it has been quite a while since I posted a picture of Olivia, here is one taken a couple of weeks ago. She is very much a little girl, now aged 21/2 years old, and very mobile, very determined and quite able to make herself understood, with […]

Sunday.. warm and sunny!

Hard to believe that this time last week I was 7,000 miles away, looking at snow covered hills! I have pretty much got over the time zone change – I always find travelling forwards across time zones more tiring, but I have had a few fairly restful days. I am back at work tomorrow, although […]

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