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Sunday… New experiences

Yet again it has been a week since I last posted – and another busy one! Firstly I am sorry the blog hasn’t been updated, but I have had little opportunity to connect to the internet – and when I have, the server has been unavailable because of the ongoing network snags. I have now […]

Tuesday… computer snagettes!

Apologies for the absence of the blog for the last couple of evenings – this has been while I restore the computer back to its normal configuration. Last night was spent installing the two discs for the RAID 1 array, and tonight was spent migrating the data off the single hard drive (shown resting on […]

Tuesday… and another visit to Guy’s – and feeling more upbeat!

It has to be said that the last ten days have not been the best in my life, and just to pile it on, I took my diving medical yesterday (booked before the latest flare up) and failed, partly because I am not as fit as I should be, but mainly because the swollen lymph […]

Saturday evening… ‘Geek Speak’

Back again, and thank you all for your kind words in the comments. I’m sorry that some didn’t appear immediately (those from John’s family) but the first post from a new source is always held for moderation as part of ‘SPAM’ prevention! But thank you – I think they have all been liberated now!. And […]

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