Thursday…Autumn upon us…

Oh dear, I really have ignored the blog for the last few months. I guess the highlights of the summer were the Graduation of Rachael from Cardiff University, and me (a day later) with my Master’s degree from Cranfield University. Both days were warm and sunny, and for both of us the culmination of a […]

Sunday… Spring resprung

Seems my blogging has been a bit like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then several arrive at once! I wrote a couple of weeks ago that spring had sprung, when we had an uncharacteristically warm bank holiday after some cold weather. It didn’t seem to last long, but the last week has […]

Friday…a small harvest!

Hot on the heels of the last post (bit like busses, nothing for ages, then two at once!) I thought I’d share the results of a small harvest. Although I was a bit late getting the runner beans in the ground, and they were delayed by bad weather in June, I did get a small […]

Thursday… a lull in the rain!

Whoops, I see over four weeks have passed since I last wrote up the blog. It has been a busy four weeks though, apart from various legal issues, I have been out and about in the garden – where the beans started producing fruit, a little bit of diving and a little bit of client […]

Thursday…damp, damp, damp!

I have just realised it has been over six weeks since I wrote the blog (although I do wonder who is still reading it?) So just after my bit of DIY, I headed north up the St Annes to stay with Martin and Stephanie, friends from University. We headed over to Headingley in Leeds to […]

Saturday…a bit of DiY

Although one of the purchase decisions for my house was that there was little that needed doing to it, there are always one or two little things to be done. One of those was improving space in the tank, or airing cupboard. It is a large space, not well used, so it seemed a good […]

Thursday…The sun was shining

Although it has been raining quite a lot since the photo was taken at the weekend! I took the plunge and ordered some garden furniture so I can take advantage of the patio! (If you look closely, you will see the obligatory glass of beer!) It also came in useful for a surprise visit from […]

Wednesday… Garden time

I have been enjoying the warm weather of the last few days by doing a bit of gardening. Last week I dug out the patch where I’ll try growing some runner beans that I have been germinating in pots. This week I built the supports and planted out the beans. I managed to germinate 11 […]

Tuesday… Mid March!!!

Oh dear, I hadn’t realised just how quickly time has passed and just how long it has been since I last wrote here! And this post is partly prompted by an e-mail from my Honorary Aunt, Eileen, in New Zealand! (Note to self – must come out there for a visit!) I have had a […]

Saturday… A new year and a new house!

Happy New Year to all my reader(s!) It has been over a month since I last posted, and a very busy month it has been too! I left the last post frantically sorting out stuff and packing boxes, while trying to arrange the completion and move into my new home. At one point I was […]

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