Sunday… Spring resprung

NestingSeems my blogging has been a bit like waiting for a bus – nothing for ages, then several arrive at once!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that spring had sprung, when we had an uncharacteristically warm bank holiday after some cold weather. Nesting2It didn’t seem to last long, but the last week has been better, and I was in the garden when I heard a knocking noise. I looked up to see a blue tit flying in and out of the nesting box. It was unoccupied last year, so I was pleased to see a new ‘tenant’ this year!

WinterWhile I was downloading the photographs from my camera, I found a few more I had taken this year – one here from January! The nesting box is on the left hand side of the garden, just past the gap in the fence trellis. There are some more photographs in the gallery.

So spring does seem to have arrived – even if a little late – so Onwards and Upwards! (And ‘Hello’ to Eileen in New Zealand! 🙂 )

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