Thursday… a lull in the rain!

Whoops, I see over four weeks have passed since I last wrote up the blog.

It has been a busy four weeks though, apart from various legal issues, I have been out and about in the garden – where the beans started producing fruit, a little bit of diving and a little bit of client work (but sadly not enough!)

My parents came down for a visit for a few days in September, and youngest daughter went back to university, but it is that funny time of year when the summer is ending, and autumn is just round the corner – and judging by the heavy rainfall in the last three days, not very far round the corner. However the sun is shining (weakly) at the moment!

Of course, the cooler weather prompts faults to manifest themselves in heating systems, and my central heating boiler had a bit of a hissy fit recently. I think it is the main gas control valve solenoid. This is a ‘field replaceable part’ and replacing it does not involve breaking into the gas supply. However, the valve is quite old and the solenoid is not available. The valve is though, and after some searching I managed to find one. Since then, the existing valve has worked faultlessly!

Health wise, there is little to report. I am waiting for an appointment at the cataract clinic, but opther than that, I feel well.

I must say a quick ‘Hi’ to honorary Aunt Eileen in New Zealand – I will reply to your e mail!

Finally, the server that hosts the blog is in need of a software and hardware update, so I will be taking it down for a couple of days once I have backed everything up. I will try and put up a static page with updates on it when I do the work.

So onwards and upwards!

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