Wednesday… Garden time

Garden1I have been enjoying the warm weather of the last few days by doing a bit of gardening. Last week I dug out the patch where I’ll try growing some runner beans that I have been germinating in pots. This week I built the supports and planted out the beansGarden2. I managed to germinate 11 out of the 12 seeds, and I am also germinating some marigolds to plant behind the beans in the hope that any marauding blackfly will prefer the marigolds over the beans!

As well as the beans, I have grown (and bought) some herbs, and while some are on the kitchen windowsill, I have planted some outside in the raised beds the previous owner left behind. This photo shows the bed, with thyme, sage and chives on the right (all bought) and sweet and chilli peppers and basil on the left (grown from seed) The basil is still quite small!Garden3
Finally, a splash of colour with some pots with dianthus, pansies, geraniums, and I hope some flowers on some fuchsia cuttings. A small start, but it will be interesting to see how they do! Next year I might cut another patch out of the lawn and try some other crops. I have discovered potatoes in one of the other raised beds Garden4the previous owner left behind.
So a busy few days! In between gardening stints I had a trip to Heathrow to take my youngest daughter to catch a ‘plane to New York, and one or two other little jobs around the house. This weekend I hope to be going diving, weather permitting, so all in all, onwards and upwards!

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