Thursday…The sun was shining

Although it has been raining quite a lot since the photo was taken at the weekend! I took the plunge and ordered some garden furniture so I can take advantage of the patio! (If you look closely, you will see the obligatory glass of beer!) It also came in useful for a surprise visit from […]

Friday… Mending Road (with apologies to Robert Frost)

It has been a few days since I updated this – perhaps the most notable occurrence was waking up one morning to find this outside the house! The road was in need of some major repair work, various roadworks and the effects of last winter’s cold weather had taken its toll, and I was pleased […]

Monday… that was BoB!

In this case being a dinner in the mess at Corsham to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Battle of Britain and to remember the sacrifice made by “The Few”. I had travelled up to Corsham the day before to finish emptying my flat and then clean it out in preparation for handing back to […]

Tuesday… Fang Farrier beckons!

It was another good weekend, starting off with a chilli evening with Sue and Mark, and having a little play with Mark’s Ipad! Saturday was a bit of a DIY day, starting to put up some shelves for Katie, who having finished her finals is moving back home and starting a job in Basingstoke next […]

Thursday… Chilly June!

Pity about the weather – too good to last! ECP went well, although the early Sunday morning start meant that I had to travel up on Saturday evening for two nights in Gassiot Hpouse at St Thomas’s. Not too bad although the street noise on a Saturday is pretty bad, and of couirse I lost […]

Friday… Flaming June!

Just realised that another ten days have passed – although I have enjoyed reading the comments on the last post – congratulations to Gilian! The bank holiday weekend was a bit chilly – however I took Rachael into Southampton to book a six week adventure trip to Australia to round off her gap year, before […]

Thursday… Polling day!

I started this entry on Tuesday with a tag line of “So that was the Bank Holiday weekend!”, but I didn’t quite get round to finishing it, and I was away in London yesterday. It was a good Bank holiday though. On Saturday we nipped up the road to Odiham for a friend’s Birthday Party […]

Monday… doesn’t time fly when you are busy!!

I was just looking at the blog and realised it is ten days since I last posted! The cold seemed to stay stable for the rest of that week, and at the weekend, I went up with University friend Faith to Harrogate, where we stayed with Dina (Faith’s flatmate) and had dinner with the other […]

Friday… January 1st 2010

And a very Happy New Year to you all! We have had a relaxing day today (well, this afternoon) after a party last night. We had a small gathering (about 26) to see in 2010, finishing at about 1:30, and had a little clearing up to do this morning – returning sound systems (Thank you […]

Merry Christmas!

A little late, I know, but better late than never! I travelled back home on Wednesday, after most of the snow and ice had melted, and launched into the festivities. The last minute Christmas presents had arrived, and were wrapped, and there was a final flurry of shopping on Thursday morning. Unfortunately I seemed to […]

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