Thursday… Polling day!

I started this entry on Tuesday with a tag line of “So that was the Bank Holiday weekend!”, but I didn’t quite get round to finishing it, and I was away in London yesterday.

It was a good Bank holiday though. On Saturday we nipped up the road to Odiham for a friend’s Birthday Party – great to see Sheila and Philip – friends from our Plymouth days – along with other mutual friends from that era.

Sunday was a bit damp and was spent at home, trying to do my tax online – which wasn’t a success! Monday was a bit brighter, but I spent some time configuring a client’s fileserver (part of an ongoing project. I also had a minor accident with a cup of coffee and an open filing cabinet! Fortunately not too much paperwork was affected and of that, a lot was fairly old and needed a sift through anyway.

I returned to Corsham on Tuesday morning, and went back home on Tuesday evening, ready for an appointment at Guys on Wednesday.

I also had some end of year paperwork to return to HMRCS, so I made a start on that on Tuesday evening, although not helped by a bit of ‘flaky’ software (supplied by HMRCS!) that prevented me from completing the return, although on Wednesday morning I discovered a ‘patch’ for it, and manged to complete it. One job completed, before it was time to nip down to the station and get the train.

This appointment was for for one of the minor check-ups by a specialist looking at specific GvHd areas. No problems – a 90 minute journey up to Guy’s, a 30 minute wait for a 15 minute appointment, and a 90 minute trip back – next appointment in six months! It was also an confirm my next haematology appointment – which is next Tuesday.

I had a bit of time at home before driving back to Corsham, so I completed another little job, a Companies House return, then it was back to Corsham for another couple of days before going back home tomorrow for an eye check and a weekend in Cornwall for a family wedding (a cousin).

So a busyish week, but generally onwards and upwards!

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  1. Simon (ex BT) on 15 May 2010 at 1:08 am #

    I have had a bizarre week filled with with ‘visitors’ that were not invited.

    I think it’s funny how we revert back to our old ways of dealing with things, they remind me of cartoon characters.

    So this week I have had, Mr I Just Want To Be Alone, Mr I’m OK, Mr Get Me Out Of Here, Mr I Can’t Handle It and Mr I Don’t Believe It, have all been to visit at various times with their stories and drama’s that are so creative they deserve an Oscar, it really is award winning material.

    However, after a visit from Dr R and Pauline the palliative doc and nurse from the local hospice I felt SO much better and different this afternoon. Felt calm and settled – oh and by the way also with better pain control.

    The hospice folk – unsung heroes

  2. Peter on 15 May 2010 at 10:27 am #

    Ah yes – know all of those feelings/emotions! Good to chat this morning though – and keeping buzzzzzzy 🙂

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