Monday… that was BoB!

In this case being a dinner in the mess at Corsham to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Battle of Britain and to remember the sacrifice made by “The Few”.

BoBI had travelled up to Corsham the day before to finish emptying my flat and then clean it out in preparation for handing back to the letting agency, and also taking the opportunity to go out for a curry. Cleaning and clearing continued on Thursday until it was time to go up to the mess for the dinner.
This picture shows the entrance to the dining marquee decorated to give the impression of a wartime air raid shelter.
It was an excellent evening, with a guest speaker who had been one of “The Few” and whose memory and vivid recollections brought those days back to life. Prior to the dinner we had a fly past by a Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, with two views shown here. The noise of the Rolls Royce Merlin engines was incredible as what was once a familiar sight was re-created for us. A truly memorable night, and one in which I met up with my colleagues from when I was a contractor, and also meet up with old friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen for some time.
Spitfire I completed the cleaning on the Friday morning (it was an effort getting up early!) but all was completed on time and the keys returned after the inventorty check. I am sorry to be leaving the area – it has been an enjoyable period and I hope the opportunity to work with the team again may turn up in the near future.

But before all this excitement I had been up to London for a check-up at Guy’s. All OK apart from a strange result from thne ECP blood test that showed an enzyme to be significantly higher that normal. This enzyme is associated with either bone or liver damage. As (as far as I know!) I haven’t suffered any fractures, it points to the liver. While I was in Corsham, the results of a second test showed that the level had dropped but is still abnormally high. The likely cause (given that everything else is normal) is a gall stone, so I will be going for an ultrsound scan just to find out. I will also be going for a lung function test – again routine, but quite welcome for reassurance if I am going to go diving again.

So generally… onwards and upwards.

(And Happy Birthday Lisa)

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  1. Richard on 15 Sep 2010 at 10:59 am #

    Too much celebrating more likely given the pressure on your liver.

    One of our neighbours has a Harvard and used to have a Spitfire until he crashed at a French air display so we are used to the Rolls distinctive sound. His sons fly much less so whereas we used to have exhibitions almost every day and a quick buzz when having a BBQ or celebration all is much less exciting now.

    Dad’s funeral today so expecting a few tears as Vivienne’s letter from Taiwan will be read out as she cannot be with us.


  2. Peter on 16 Sep 2010 at 11:57 am #

    Hi Richard, Hope yesterday went as well as could be expected, given the circumstances. Thoughts are with you.


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