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Sunday…wet Sunday… very wet Sunday

In fact I am very glad that I live near the top of a hill, and above the road level as the rainwater has been streaming past the drive this morning! Not as bad as Wiltshire where we have had quite a lot of road flooding, and of course nowhere near as bad as Cumbria. […]

Monday… gloomy evenings are here again!

Having been (gently) taken to task about updating, it is time for an update on last week! The ECP was uneventful, and becoming almost routine. However I was supposed to see the consultant dermatologist on Monday after the first session – only to find that the appointment had been moved. I was on a large […]

Monday… Memories are made of this!

Busy week again last week, but the highlight was last weekend when we traveled up to St Annes for a re-union with my flat mates, Martin, Tom and Jon, from University. Two medical students, a dental student and myself in first a Hall of Residence (where we met) then a University flat, and finally a […]

Saturday… end of a sociable few days!

A very sociable week starting with a leaving ‘do’ for someone at work on Thursday when we descended on a Chinese restaurant in Chippenham. An excellent evening, but the highlight of the week was a reunion dinner on Friday (last night) for those of is in a year group at the Royal Naval Engineering College […]

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