Saturday… end of a sociable few days!

A very sociable week starting with a leaving ‘do’ for someone at work on Thursday when we descended on a Chinese restaurant in Chippenham. An excellent evening, but the highlight of the week was a reunion dinner on Friday (last night) for those of is in a year group at the Royal Naval Engineering College – more years ago than I care to remember! I have seen some of the people there in the intervening years, but it is the first time that I have been to a gathering of so many, since I left the college. It was a splendid evening with much reminiscing and catching up. The really amazing thing is that very few of us had significantly changed in appearance, and even those who I had lost touch with were pretty much instantly recognisable!

It was a late night/early morning, so I have been doing a little recuperating today, However I have managed to fix the little snag on te webserver. It seems to have been running OK, but I have now got the graphical software (Gnome) pretty much back as it was, and once that is sorted I will look again at upgrading it.

Monday and Tuesday will see me up at St Thomas’s again for the next course of ECP, followed by my (slghtly extended) two monthly check up.

Onwardfs and upwards!

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  1. Richard on 19 Jul 2009 at 7:38 am #

    Digits crossed for the next couple of days.

    Rerun of the Nottingham congregation tomorrow after Vivienne’s last Monday it is her ‘man’s M.Eng tomorrow but we should be able to watch it on-line.


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