Wednesday 22 October…very embarrassed!

That I have neglected the blog for nearly twelve months :(. I suppose on one side it demonstrates how much I have moved on from the original reason for the blog, to keep me occupied and to chart my progress through long periods of hospital treatment and the subsequent trial, tribulations during the recovery phase. […]

Thursday…Autumn upon us…

Oh dear, I really have ignored the blog for the last few months. I guess the highlights of the summer were the Graduation of Rachael from Cardiff University, and me (a day later) with my Master’s degree from Cranfield University. Both days were warm and sunny, and for both of us the culmination of a […]

Thursday…damp, damp, damp!

I have just realised it has been over six weeks since I wrote the blog (although I do wonder who is still reading it?) So just after my bit of DIY, I headed north up the St Annes to stay with Martin and Stephanie, friends from University. We headed over to Headingley in Leeds to […]

Thursday… Good news!

Yesterday saw me getting the train up to Kings College Hospital for my four monthly haematology check up. This was the second time I have been to Kings since the Bone Marrow Transplant unit co-located there. There was a little more organisation, although blood samples (a regular armful!) are taken elsewhere in the hospital first. […]

Saturday… The sun shines!

I’m afraid I haven’t been in the right frame of mind for blogging in the last month or so. The background activities to the divorce have kept me busy too – I am amazed by the mountain of paperwork that it generates. The bad weather doesn’t do much to lift the spirits either. BUT – […]

Tuesday… end of August!

Time has flown by, at the end of August already. Nothing much to report on the health front, all seems to be ticking along OK, with my next haematology check up in September. Much of my time has been taken up with my MSc dissertation, and helping out fellow blogmaster Mark with his new venture […]

Saturday…mid July!

Yes, still here, but a lot going on at the moment! However I had one of my infrequent check ups last week, at the eye department at St Thomas’s. All seem to be OK, and there seems to have been an improvement in the dryness of my eyes, although they have not recovered sufficiently to […]

Saturday… a long gap

It has been a long gap since my last post, mainly because there has been a lot going on! I started my contract in March but for two weeks I stayed in a holiday cottage not far from where I was working. It was set in lovely surroundings and I was fortunate enough to be […]

Saturday… Yes, I am still here!

But not been in blogging mode I fear – partly because there has been a lot going on. I returned from my break in Lausanne for a few days to get myself prepared to start work back at Corsham, where I was working last year. I had a trip up to London to see the […]

Saturday…Chilly Dip

No, not the sort that you eat with Nachos, but another major milestone in “getting my life back” – my first open water dive for over five years! The dive was proposed last week at a sheltered site close to Portsmouth Harbour, and I spent some time getting my kit ready last night. It has […]

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