Saturday…mid July!

Yes, still here, but a lot going on at the moment! However I had one of my infrequent check ups last week, at the eye department at St Thomas’s. All seem to be OK, and there seems to have been an improvement in the dryness of my eyes, although they have not recovered sufficiently to let me resume wearing contact lenses. Slightly worrying is evidence of a small cataract on one eye, but the opinion is that it was caused by the past use of topical steroids, and therefore not likely to progress. That said, the radiotherapy and chemotherapy I have had in the past does increase the likelihood of developing cataracts in future, and is something to be aware of.

That apart, I have done a little more diving, including some practice dives at an inland site. Not the best of dives as I think I over-estimated my capabilities and ended up doing a faster than normal ascent, fortunately without coming to any harm, but I am planning to go back next week to do some more training to regain my skills.

Not much else to report at the moment. My dissertation is taking up quite a lot of time, as is job searching, but I do intend to continue blogging!

On the subject of blogs, it was great to hear from John’s Mum. John, you may remember, was another cancer patient blogger, and he was inspirational to me. He also suffered from GvHd which ultimately contributed to his death three years ago, and it was his experiences that swayed my decision to undergo ECP. Not forgotten John!

The last few weeks have also seen the passage of a year since my friend Jane died after a long and courageous fight against bowel and secondary liver cancer, and Simon from lung and secondary brain cancer. All missed but not forgotten, and remain an important part of my life.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Julia on 31 Jul 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    Don’t lose sight of the mountain tops Peter, or the long journey you’ve travelled since 1999. Another climb ahead but you are strong, determined and never alone.

    Further onwards and upwards

  2. Stephen McGinley on 12 Aug 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    Hey Peter, you old salt, how’s life in civi street? glad things are moving along for you. Been up to Head office at all? Not a lot happening on the care line really, which gets me thinking about its value. The on line community seems to work well though. doing a degree? in what?
    busy time comming up with my daughters wedding the end of Aug a big day only 2&half years in the planning then of to Turkey for some R&R
    Take care mate.

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