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Thursday… Two more steps

Last night I went back into the water in dive kit for the first time for five years! It was in a swimming pool, but I felt very apprehensive. But after the first ten seconds the previous training returned and I settled back into it quite happily – albeit maximum depth of about 3 metres! […]

Thursday… post ECP

A busy bank holiday weekend! I was at a BBQ organised by someone from the Dive Club on Sunday (thank you Dave) an excellent afternoon, finished with a round of croquet). On Monday I went up to Corsham to start clearing out my flat. I have moved most of the things, but I’ll be going […]

I’m back!

Sorry for the delay in posting, but after my return from France (which now has an edited headline after my ‘Franglais’ was remarked upon by friend Julia!) I had a busy few days doing some work for a client locally, and then I went back to the Dive Club after a longish absence to discover […]


I can’t believe another week has gone by, however the time has flown by. Felicity went off to Uganda on Friday, and her mother completed her move into her new house on Monday. I went up to St Thomas’s for my next session of ECP on Monday, and also had a check up at the […]

Saturday… Two steps forward…one back

There are some significant changes in my life happening soon, including a job change, but as part of the completion of my current occupation, I needed a medical examination! Actually a formal review of my medical history over the last few years. However, while I was doing that, I applied to retake my diving medical […]

Friday… PET scan 20 completed!

And it was up at silly o’clock yesterday morning, for a quick breakfast before starting my pre-PET scan fast! Then back on the well worn path to Guy’s again although actually a slightly different path as the trackwork NetworkRail are doing round Basingstoke meant that I travelled a different route – but that is by-the-by. […]

Thursday… t+47 and PET Scan 18!

As I reported yesterday, I rang St Thomas’s to see about my appointment – to discover that it had been scheduled for this afternoon! I had a long chat with Sally – one of the lovely radiologists on the PET unit – about the pain problem when I am lying down, and the thoughts were […]

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