Saturday… Yes, I am still here!

But not been in blogging mode I fear – partly because there has been a lot going on.

I returned from my break in Lausanne for a few days to get myself prepared to start work back at Corsham, where I was working last year. I had a trip up to London to see the opthalmic department at St Thomas’s – the good news is that my eyes are getting slightly better, the bad is that I still can’t wear contact lenses – very frustrating!

After some fairly swift contract stuff, I was able to go up to Corsham, for an induction (!) and get passes and so on sorted out, ready to start work on the 28th. But before then I had a dentist visit to have the root canal work (started in January) completed and a crown fitted. I have to say I was impressed. The crown was made in the surgery after being machined out of a block of ceramic material, using Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture (CAD/CAM) techniques. Basically the tooth is prepared, photographed to produce a 3D image which is then adjusted by the dentist, digitised and sent to the machine.

After machining it is glazed (in the surgery) and fitted. One afternoon’s work. Not cheap but very effective. There is a little more dental work to be done. One item is a crown I had fitted when I was 16 (following an unfortunate incident on a bike!). It has served me well, but as my gums have receded slightly (age and chemo) it probably needs replacing, so I think I shall have that done with the same technique.

The weekend was spent on coursework, and then I was off on Monday morning to start work. It felt strange living in a B&B again, but it was a busy week, getting back into the project, some visits and so on. At the moment it is only until the end of the month, but there is a possibility that it might be extended, and as yet I have heard nothing about the Belgian job that my CV has been submitted for. But it was good to be back at work, and in a brand new building!

So while it has been busy, and a while since I posted, I’m still very much around!

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Terry on 14 Mar 2011 at 11:30 am #

    How lovely to hear that things are so upbeat for you. May it long continue. At church we have a “Jane Memory” book circulating for friends to enter thoughts, memories,photo’s etc. Eventually when completed it is planned to give it to Paul and the boys as a memento. I have increasingly thought maybe you might like to have some input in this? If so you could e-mail me with any details of what you would want to include, or of course the book could be posted to you. No offence will be caused if you feel you do not wish to do this.
    I will continue to read your blog, and hope that things keep on the upwards route they are at present. Huddersfield news you may be interested in, James has been headhunted and offerred (and accepted) a permanent job in Sheffield in a senior post, starting in July.
    Best wishes. Terry

  2. Richard on 19 Mar 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Hey looks like good news and technology, ’bout time I am just waiting for 3D printers to become affordable. Some years ago there were experiments with 3D FAX machines but the CAD and other advances have led straight to printers.

    I know a chap who has a specialist stone restoration company…must be quite good at it as he has an new Aston which is hardly a green symbol. He chided me for suggesting that it was possible to ‘machine’ cut stone to replace the stone mason…………..

    I have a neighbour whose factory uses such CAD stuff to machine parts for racing and classic cars but it is great to hear of it trickling down to the ‘high street’

    You may not have liked Belgium much Peter so long live Corsham just look out for the Revenue 🙁

  3. Julia on 25 Mar 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    Looking forward to seeing photos of Corsham and Lacock. I’m sure it’s much more beautiful in Wiltshire than Belgium.

  4. Mel on 27 Mar 2011 at 3:38 am #

    Hi Peter,

    I am writing this with hope you can help me. I am a writer based in theN.W of England working on what was initially a two part TV show but is now more likely to become a feature film about cancer. I am desperately keen to talk to people about their fight against this horrific disease.

    Your blog is certainly an inspiration to read and your strength and optimism shines through every paragraph. Would you feel able to talk to me more about your fight? I am looking for insight and honesty so our piece is as purposeful as can be. Its a sensitive topic and while I can research all the medical jargon and discuss with medical professionals their role in fighting cancer, the most important material comes from the patients. If you would like to know more about the project and feel you could help educate us then please get in contact. You have my email address. I apologise if you feel me too forward and feel I have over stepped the mark in commenting on your blog but I really was affected by reading and would love the opportunity to learn more through you if you’re willing. If you feel this is not something you would be interested in then I apologise and wish you all the very best in the world with your treatment and pray remission comes to you soon!

    Apologies for any typos or grammatical errors I am a good writer but technologically stunted and am writing this on a blackberry and can’t find all the relevant keys!!!!! I miss pens and paper 🙂

    All the very best,


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