Wednesday… still got fingernails!

Not a lot to report today, except that I have written a side page about PET scans. (And it is a lovely sunny afternoon)

However what prompted this post was a look back through the blog archive – I stumbled across the entry for January 31st – the day I came out of isolation! Was it ‘only’ six weeks ago I went for a trip down to get a paper – and had to lie down afterwards?!

I also note that it was just after the weekend when Mark’s ADSL line had problems, and I said that I would move the blog to my servers ‘when I got out’ which I hoped would be at the end of the week. Of course it was delayed by a week and the transfer to my servers didn’t take place for a month after I was released! Just shows how weak I was, and how much progress I have made since then!

Off to Dive Club this evening!

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