Wednesday… How’s my PET?

Off for PET scan number 22! (I had to go back over some previous posts to check – and they were interesting – and scary – reading!) Sadly Margaret, the centre manager, was away, but the procedure is pretty routine – injection of the tracer, rest for 90 minutes, then under the scanner. One thing […]

Sunday… Snowy – but no Tintin!

Skipping quickly past the famous Belgian reference (the other famous Belgian being Hercule Poirot) this was the scene that greeted us early yesterday morning. I know we weren’t alone in getting this snow shower, but it is very rare and it has been several years since the garden looked like this. We were out most […]

Tuesday… Happy 21st..

PET scan! I was somewhat surprised to get a text message in a meeting yesterday to say that St Thomas’s had phoned to see if I was available for a PET scan today at 1:40pm. I knew that one had been ordered (as I said in the post after the last visit) but I was […]

Friday… PET scan 20 completed!

And it was up at silly o’clock yesterday morning, for a quick breakfast before starting my pre-PET scan fast! Then back on the well worn path to Guy’s again although actually a slightly different path as the trackwork NetworkRail are doing round Basingstoke meant that I travelled a different route – but that is by-the-by. […]


First of all, my apologies for the delay in posting – don’t worry, I am OK, we have had a busy couple of days! And thank you all for your posts. For those that haven’t posted comments before, your first comment goes into a moderation queue (which is why it doesn’t appear immediately) but once […]

Thursday… t+47 and PET Scan 18!

As I reported yesterday, I rang St Thomas’s to see about my appointment – to discover that it had been scheduled for this afternoon! I had a long chat with Sally – one of the lovely radiologists on the PET unit – about the pain problem when I am lying down, and the thoughts were […]

Friday… PET scan 17, and other sundry things

And it was off again to a full day at Guy’s and St Thomas’s this morning! The day started very well when I bumped into Robert Carr as I was on my way into the Day Unit. You may remember that I was placed under Robert’s care when I was first diagnosed, and I have […]

Wednesday… still got fingernails!

Not a lot to report today, except that I have written a side page about PET scans. (And it is a lovely sunny afternoon) However what prompted this post was a look back through the blog archive – I stumbled across the entry for January 31st – the day I came out of isolation! Was […]

Tuesday… my (13th) PET scan!

Yes – it really was the 13th PET scan since this all started back in 1999! Makes it over 2 a year! Nothing really to report today – it was just the scan, but part of the procedure involved fasting from 6 o’clock this morning. In practice meant from dinner time last night! (I’ll write […]