Thursday… statistics, statistics…

It has been a long time since I last posted on here, and I suppose now is as good a time to explain as any.

It is a fact that couples that have been through some trauma are statistically more likely to separate after the event. The trauma either pulls people together, or exposes weaknesses in a relationship.

Sadly the latter seems to be the case for us. This all started coming to a head nearly two years ago, when Felicity said that she thought that divorce might be better for us. During the following months I tried to find an alternative way forward, but in October 2010 it became clear that there wasn’t one. We have stayed cohabiting in our house since then, but it was put up for sale in June, and a buyer has been found, and we are moving out in December. The divorce and all the paraphernalia still isn’t sorted, but I will probably move into rented accommodation for a few months to get my breath back and gain some sort of perspective on my new life, before looking for somewhere more permanent to live.

I am incredibly indebted to my parents and the few close friends who knew about this for their support and encouragement over what has been a difficult time. I will say that Felicity and I are still on amicable terms, and I hope that will remain the case.

Healthwise, there is little to report. I have been worried about the the inevitable raised stress levels on my health, but generally all seems to be OK. This January will be the sixth anniversary of the transplant, and five years since the donor lymphocyte infusion, and the scare and side effects that went with that.

The GvHd seems to be controlled, there are still one or two lingering side effects, but they are not serious, and seem to be stable, so that is some good news.

I don’t know what I will do with the blog – not because I don’t want to continue with it, but because internet access for the server might be a bit limited for a while. I will try and keep the server running somehow though! Perhaps I ought to change the tag line from “Getting my life back” to “Forging a New Life”! 🙂

I’m sorry this isn’t a very cheerful post, but sadly these things happen. Again I need to concentrate on the future, so as always “Onwards and Upwards”!

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