Friday… A reunion of sorts – and a farewell!

Yesterday saw me going up to Guy’s for my four monthly check-up at the late effects clinic for transplant patients. I was delighted to see Mark, who had his transplant at the same time as me (and looking very tanned!), Ian, another patient I have seen over the years, ans well as meeting one person who had her transplant in 1996, and at the other end of the spectrum, someone who has an indolent leukaemia who might have a transplant sometime in the next 5 years. Good luck everyone!

I saw Dr Raj, who remarked that I was looking well, but noticed that I was overdue for a lung function test (and had missed an appointment in August!) Now, I knew that I had rescheduled that for last May, to coincide with the last check-up, but the results weren’t ‘on the system’. So after the clinic, I did a quick trip to the lung function clinic, where I discovered they had got the results, so a second test wasn’t required.

And why the farewell? Well, the donor transplant clinics are all being centralised at King’s College Hospital at Denmark Hill, where a larger unit being created, so my next appointment will be there. The staff will be the same, but it will be new surroundings. But my next appointment will be in the New Year. However I will still have some clinics at Guy’s associated with the GvHd which still rumbles on in the background.

Other than that, I have been doing a bit more video production with fellow blogmaster, Mark, and working on my dissertation for my Master’s degree. It is challenging but enjoyable. We have presentations to give next week, so this weekend will be spent preparing for that.

So, generally, things go pretty much “Onwards and Upwards”

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