Tuesday 15th January … Happy birthday to my Granddaughter and NHS crisis averted!

First of all a very Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter – 12 today!

Now for the NHS crisis! There has been a major shortage of PJ trousers over the weekend, plenty of tops, but no trousers! Fortunately a new supply has been found before this was leaked to the red top press and all is well! It’s these little things that make that tiny difference between OK and comfortable! (Drugs and technology help too, of course! 🙂 )

It was a quiet afternoon yesterday, apart from a Registrar visit last evening. Blood chemistry coming back into spec with calcium levels falling along with creatinine. The lump is continuing to shrink too!

I slept well, woken at 5 for an IV change, obs and I had the steroids an hour early at the same time with another 3 hours.

And I’ve just had a phone call from the PET centre asking if I’m attending my appointment tomorrow! Seems I have an appointment (not unexpected) but they didn’t know I was still an in-patient! That will be number 25!

And three more names for the Percy pig hall of fame award, Rosie, Aelfa (spelling!) and Gusha from Poland who flits in and out like a shadow in the night to do observations and just ‘be there’

And a quick update, we have just had a harpist play for 15 minutes on the ward. Really relaxing and soothing.

Onwards and Upwards!

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