Monday 14th January 2019… A Sunny Day!

It indeed sunny and I have found a way of uploading photos from my phone, so I will go and add some to previous posts!

This the view from the sunny side of the ward this morning!

I woke up early at 6, after a fairly restful night, for today’s steroids! Tumour definitely shrinking. A bit of deep sleep until 8:15 when a very noisy handover woke me up!

Yesterday was largely uneventful in the afternoon until Rachael arrived at around 5:15 bearing washing and a couple more items of clothing. She also collect a tech treat for me, a pair of Bluetooth ear buds! I am very impressed with the quality but best of all is that I’m not tethered to the phone so I can put that own and have two hands free while I’m shunting the pole around, taking meds and just doing hospital stuff!

So feeling good, thank you to an old friend Liz for her comments yesterday (always glad to receive comments – they may be held for moderation if it’s a new email address (it is not published) but I will release it and all will be well thereafter!

I’m expecting a ward round, so I may update later!

Onwards and upwards!

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