Friday 2nd August…. Home? (I hope!)

I can’t quite believe I have been here for a week! Definitely time to go home!

I had my unit of blood last night

Much the same as the platelets, but a much darker colour! However the transfusion was not without its moments and an hour in to the three hour transfusion I suffered ‘Canula failure’!

Blood is (as is said) thicker than water, and I supposevthe infusion pressure was a bit higher and as the Cannula had been in place for three days it had become a bit displaced (it was in the crook of my arm – not the best place) and started leaking.

It didn’t take long to replace it (in my forearm) and the rest continued uneventfully.

And I had a drip free night last night! I have had an early morning blood test, so I hope that will give a more meaningful cortisol level result, and pending thatvand the ward round, I hope I’ll be going home.

My lip is still a bit swollen and I keep dislodging the scab, but the other cuts are healing nicely and the bruises are slowly fading.

So Onwards and Upwards (and homewards!) 🙂

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