Sunday 12th May… Let the sun shine on!

It’s a lovely sunny day outside, after a mixed week, both of weather and activities!

You may recall from the last post that although two months of Ibrutinib had been prescribed, only one had been dispensed. I sent an email to the Clinical Nurse Specialists who rang back to say that at the time the script was written, the pharmacy didn’t have sufficient stock to dispense two months, but the second month had been issued and was ready for collection.

So, armed with that knowledge, I popped into the hospital on Thursday to pick up the next months supply and have my blood sample taken ready for my appointment tomorrow. I have been making a an effort to increase my water intake, so I hope my creatinine levels will be lower and closer to my baseline level. I also want to ask whether I can carry on diving while taking Ibrutinib.

Friday was a sad day – going to the funeral of my cousin Margaret (first cousin once removed). I travelled up to my sister and then we travelled together to Birmingham. She was a remarkable lady and it was good to meet some of her relatives and celebrate her life.

But life goes on – and as always, Upwards and Onwards!

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