Monday… Busy, busy, busy!

Well I did say that last week would be busy – and it was, but very rewarding! The majority of the week was spent on a residential course for another module on my computing course. Not quite as intensive as the previous two (only 3 hours of exams at the end of the week) but very enjoyable. I was also able to raid the library for some books to help me with the coursework. I had forgotten just how good it is to have access to a good technical library! Now all I have to do is identify and reference the relevant parts of the books. In fact the technical content of the coursework is fairly straightforward – the hard part is remembering and justifying what I write, and getting the appropriate references – and referencing system.

I went from university up to Worcester for a weekend of training with LeukaemiaCare – the first course I have taken for some months. However it was as enjoyable as ever, good to see my fellow trainers, Neil and Suzanne, and welcome Channelle to the team. The course members were a really responsive and enthusiastic group to train, so although I felt quite tired at the end of each day, it was very rewarding and good to get back to it!

After that it was a trip back home for a rest!

I had been hoping to go on a diving expedition this week – not in a diving role, as I still have a medical to pass – but in a support role. However the exped now has a full complement of divers so there is no space for me. 🙁

On the health front, I still have some aches and pains, so I am beginning to think that perhaps GvHd is affecting the interstitial tissues and maybe the ECP would be a good idea. My next appointment with the dermatologists is on 19 May, so I’ll see what it is like then. My mouth was a bit sore yesterday too, but I think that was all the talking over the weekend. It is much better this morning!

However, on the upside, I jumped on the bathroom scales last night, and discovered I have put on about eleven pounds in the last month! I think I mentioned that my appetite has been getting better, and I certainly ate a lot last week, so I was quite pleased. A few more and I shall be 10 stone! (63Kg!) I was still wearing a ‘small’ size LeukaemiaCare polo shirt though!

So on that note – very definitely – Onwards and Upwards!

2 Responses to “Monday… Busy, busy, busy!”

  1. Adrian W on 30 Apr 2008 at 8:42 pm #

    you, a heavy weight, never!

  2. Peter on 30 Apr 2008 at 10:18 pm #

    I know – almost getting porky!

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