Thursday… Two more steps

Last night I went back into the water in dive kit for the first time for five years! It was in a swimming pool, but I felt very apprehensive. But after the first ten seconds the previous training returned and I settled back into it quite happily – albeit maximum depth of about 3 metres! […]

Saturday… Lots of catching up!

Phew, where to start? It has been a couple of weeks since I last “blogged” so there is quite a bit of catching up to do! The biggest adventure was a 12 day trip out to France with friend Mark, to his house for a working party. We drove over on Monday the fourth via […]

Sunday… New experiences

Yet again it has been a week since I last posted – and another busy one! Firstly I am sorry the blog hasn’t been updated, but I have had little opportunity to connect to the internet – and when I have, the server has been unavailable because of the ongoing network snags. I have now […]

Monday… Busy, busy, busy!

Well I did say that last week would be busy – and it was, but very rewarding! The majority of the week was spent on a residential course for another module on my computing course. Not quite as intensive as the previous two (only 3 hours of exams at the end of the week) but […]