Friday… where are the huskies?!

Home again after an interesting couple of days!

Driving back to the hotel last night was fine, the snow was melting, the roads clear, and then it started to snow again so that this morning we had another four or five inches. The drive in was trickier, the gritters hadn’t been out, and the weather was warmer so the snow was slipperier (is that a word) – and not helped by someone driving on my tail as I drove at 15mph up the hills.

There were few people in, and the word was to go home early, so after waiting a while for the gritters to get to work and things to settle down, I left just before midday.

Again I elected to use the motorway, Salisbury Plain would not have been a good idea, but even the A roads round Chippenham were icy – not sheet ice, but that knobbly broken ice that feels as if you are driving on broken stones. The M4 was OK, two lanes open to Swindon, but very light traffic, but the bit from Swindon to Newbury was very wet, with lots of spray from the melted snow. The A34 was fine, and after 5 miles was completely clear, until I got to Winchester, when the snow started again and started slushing. Still, once past that, the roads were clear again and I was soon home! The countryside did look very pretty though.

I suppose compared with some of the Falklands weather it was fairly benign, it is just that we are not used to it!

So onwards and upwards! (and fortunately not sideways!)

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  1. Richard on 07 Feb 2009 at 9:47 am #

    Well done.

    It is not much of a problem for countries, including here, where it gets cold and stays cold. It is the movement from freezing to thaw or partial thaw and freezing again which causes the problem. Salt is good for frost but not much good during heavy snow fall and grit, as in Europe is only really useful when the snow stays and the grit improves the grip added to the requirement of winter tyres.

    All gone here now so back to green fields and muddy verges, just a few tears when looking at the level in the oil tank which was filled when everyone thought oil was off to $200 a barrel. At least 51 other people in the village in our consortium, including people in the oil and investment industry, also were succoured into buying then.

    Today we have a 100th birthday party to go to so we are not expecting a late night 🙂

    I suppose the disparate people may have eaten the huskies.

    Have a good weekend


  2. Gillian on 07 Feb 2009 at 2:19 pm #

    lucky you with the oil – we ordered over 2 weeks ago and are still awaiting a delivery – now switching heating/water off early to conserve energy.

    Well done for getting home Peter, I couldn’t get to Newbury in the morning to go to work as the A34 was bunged up with lorries ice skating. Have dug the car out now so fingers crossed for Monday (and hopefully the schools will be open again then!!!!!)

    Still with lots of white stuff all over the lawn, but am mobile again 😀

  3. Peter on 07 Feb 2009 at 2:28 pm #

    We didn’t have any snow overnight – it is quite a pleasant sunny day here. I must have timed things just right with my journey back yesterday – the A34 round Newbury was clear but with snow on the verges, and snow flurries, but I was soon clear of that. Glad I didn’t go across the Plain through Tilshead!

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