Friday… The last ECP?

It is about time I wrote a longer blog, and I did promise some photos from my trip to Lausanne. I did wonder if I was going to be able to go at one point – two days before departure I walked into the living room at home, and noticed a damp carpet. Closer inspection […]

Thursday… Winter bites!

I suppose we are no worse off (and probably better) than most of the country, but this was the scene that greeted us this morning. (and more pictures in the Gallery). It seems to have been a long time since the last entry, longer than I normally leave it, but quite a lot going on. […]

Friday… Happy Birthday!

It did seem as if the cold weather heralded the end of the world – local shops ran out of milk, bread and vegetables – fortunately I was OK as I had stocked up earlier! (Only joking 🙂 ) But the snow was quite pretty, and the children built this large snowman in the back […]

Thursday… and snow it did

The snow fell, although not in the same quantities as other parts of the country, but enough to cause panic buying of milk and bread at the local supermarket, and getting to work a little tricky. If anything, this morning was harder as the temperature was -7 when I eventually got into the car, and […]

Tuesday… let it snow (again!)

I an back at work again after a couple of check-ups at St Thomas’s yesterday. The opthalmologists diagnosed dry eyes (and a very low level infection) so I have to artificila tears for use when needed. The dermatologists are very pleased with my progress, and I will carry on with the ECP at six weekly […]

Monday… Icy, Icy, I say

The snow has gone from home, the geraniums that are outside look very sad (or dead) and I drove up to work this morning. I wasn’t sure about the route to take, but in the end I had no choice as the A34 was blocked in both directions just north of the A303 (an overturned […]

Friday… where are the huskies?!

Home again after an interesting couple of days! Driving back to the hotel last night was fine, the snow was melting, the roads clear, and then it started to snow again so that this morning we had another four or five inches. The drive in was trickier, the gritters hadn’t been out, and the weather […]

Thursday… and the snow came down!

And the snow continues to make life interesting! I went over to see my sister, Anne, last night (good curry!) and left just before 10. Roads were clear, no snow. By the time I had driven to the M4 the snow was just starting and I drove past a recovery van pulling a car (on […]

Monday… let it snow…

And it is – as I write! I was up early this morning to find a reasonable dusting of snow on the car, ready to drive up to the West Country. Given the snow, I decided that driving across Salisbury Plain was not a good idea! In fact the A34 was pretty clear up to […]

Friday… again!

It has been another busy week – one where I haven’t been at home much! It started on Sunday when I flew up to Manchester with Neil (another LeukaemiaCARE trainer) to stay with Suzanne (another LeukaemiaCARE trainer!) and her husband before we all drove up to Glasgow on Monday morning for Elspeth’s Funeral. The funeral […]

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