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Sunday… Overdue for an update!

An update is long overdue, but first, as it has been quite a while since I posted a picture of Olivia, here is one taken a couple of weeks ago. She is very much a little girl, now aged 21/2 years old, and very mobile, very determined and quite able to make herself understood, with […]

Tuesday… another little anniversary

Not momentous, but it is five years ago today that broadband came to my village after 6 months of campaigning! For those that don’t remember, prior to 2003. broadband was limited to large centres of population, and those of us that lived in the sticks only had dial up internet access either through a normal […]


Hmmm – there is more to being a blogmaster than meets the eye! I came to check the site this morning and found that it wasn’t working – so if you tried to look, you either received a cryptic message about not finding the mysql server, or my hastily put together maintenance page! Suffice to […]


A special post, nothing to do with health, but just to note that the blog is now up and running on – and to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Mark J for setting up the original blog back in January – it seems a long time ago! For those that are interested in […]

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