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Tuesday… after the dermatologists!

The posts are a bit like buses – none for ages then two come along at once! Yesterday was a rather more prolonged visit that the bone density scan (although, like the bone scan, no blood samples!). There was a long wait, during which I swapped GvHd stories with another patient, and then in to […]

Monday… Busy, busy, busy!

Well I did say that last week would be busy – and it was, but very rewarding! The majority of the week was spent on a residential course for another module on my computing course. Not quite as intensive as the previous two (only 3 hours of exams at the end of the week) but […]

Friday… and that was the LFECTS clinic

Or roughly translated – “The Long Term Transplant Effects Clinic” which as I surmised in a previous post, is a new clinic to look at the long term follow up of stem cell transplant patients. However, before turning up at the clinic, I met up with Simon (first time in about 18 months!) who happened […]

Monday… Back to St Thomas’s

It has been a while since I posted something with the ‘More Treatment’ tag, but today saw me back at St Thomas’s at the St John’s Dermatology clinic (originally founded in 1868 – and the only postgraduate dermatology teaching facility in the country) to look at the remaining GvHd. Now I must say that in […]

Friday.. and the crowd roared for more???

…in which case the crowd must be pretty bored! However thank you for the accolade, and apologies for the delay – I seem to have been very busy this week! However as way of appeasement, here is a photo of the other side of the generator, with the connection panel above it. The plugs at […]

Saturday evening… ‘Geek Speak’

Back again, and thank you all for your kind words in the comments. I’m sorry that some didn’t appear immediately (those from John’s family) but the first post from a new source is always held for moderation as part of ‘SPAM’ prevention! But thank you – I think they have all been liberated now!. And […]

Monday… wet, wet, wet!

Well after writing the blog up on Friday, I ended up going out for a pub lunch again! The steak and ale pie, washed down with a pint of bitter and, as it was someone’s birthday, a glass of champagne, was very enjoyable! So there are definite signs that my sense of taste might be […]


I hope you all had a pleasant bank holiday weekend! The weather here was variable, cool on Saturday, sunny on Sunday and variable on Monday. Today started warm and dry, but it is looking decidedly overcast at the moment. Still, it was warm enough to get out into the garden and cut the grass, and […]

Friday… t+99

Well, how to follow yesterdays news! I must say I was pretty elated after getting the news from Sala! I went on to see the consultant (Linny) who did say that it is difficult to quantify exactly how much it has shrunk, but for me the important thing is that there has been a dramatic […]


It’s cold today! However the good news is that the GvHd has settled down a bit and I am feeling much better than I was on Sunday! Yesterday was a good day too. I have an appointment for the radiography planning session (if it is needed – think positive) which will be this Thursday (it […]

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