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Tuesday…more ECP

The snow was pretty much washed away by the rain on Friday night and Saturday morning, but Sunday was quite a pleasant dry day – time to get out and do a bit of outside stuff. However Monday brought a trip up to London for another round of ECP, which went well, and the bonus […]

Thursday – all plugged in!

This blog is getting like a bus service – nothing for ages, then two posts arrive at once! I am sitting in the dermatology day centre at St Thomas’s connected to the ECP machine, so typing one handed is a bit slow (and error prone!) Good news is that the browser has a spell check […]

Monday… gloomy evenings are here again!

Having been (gently) taken to task about updating, it is time for an update on last week! The ECP was uneventful, and becoming almost routine. However I was supposed to see the consultant dermatologist on Monday after the first session – only to find that the appointment had been moved. I was on a large […]

Friday… a view across a sunny(ish) London

From the window in the dermatology day centre on the 12th floor at St Thomas’s where I am 20 minutes from finishing this session of ECP! The machine is humming as the little lymphocytes are being exposed to UV radiation to activate the drug! Some of the little jobs from last week are complete – […]

Wednesday… all done for another six weeks!

The ECP was uneventful, but Tuesday’s session seemed to run a bit slowly; I had an appointment in the Haematology clinic at Guy’s on completion, but I received a message telling me to go to the day centre on the fourth floor. There is a day centre on the fourth floor at St Thomas’s, so […]

Monday… quick update

Yes, only two days since the last post on Saturday! I had a quiet Saturday, and finally managed to get the webserver graphical interface working, which was rewarding. I still want to complete the upgrade, but that can wait for a while until I finish the current piece of coursework. I had quite a good […]


Well, the last posting may have been overdue, but I was certainly under-due for my ECP appointment. It all got a little strange when I turned up at the accommodation yesterday, and found that no room had been booked. But it was when I arrived on the ward to be greeted with “Nice to see […]

Tuesday… check up and ECP day 1

As the title says, today was a day of checks and ECP, but I did say that I would write about the Bank Holiday weekend. Saturday was a lovely sunny day, so I got a few outside jobs done, starting with a climb up onto the roof to refix the TV aerial to the chimney. […]

Tuesday… ECP second day

I’m sitting up here on the 12th floor of Lambeth wing at St Thomas’s looking down over Westminster Bridge – connected via the mobile phone network. The ECP is proceeding uneventfully – yesterday’s session was quite quick as I had a large kit (this takes more blood per cycle, but only three cycles for separation) […]

Wednesday… post ECP

And nothing untoward to report – the ECP on Monday and Tuesday went smoothly and that was followed by a haemotology check up. Again uneventful, although I did give up another 5 tubes of blood – on top of the little bit that gets lost after each ECP treatment session! After the trip over to […]

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