Wednesday… post ECP

And nothing untoward to report – the ECP on Monday and Tuesday went smoothly and that was followed by a haemotology check up. Again uneventful, although I did give up another 5 tubes of blood – on top of the little bit that gets lost after each ECP treatment session!

After the trip over to Guy’s, I saw Dr Kazmi, the consultant. It was the first time for some months, and his report was that all seems to be fine. The creatinine levels (a measure of kidney function) are still high, (although a bit lower than they were two years ago) but stable, so it is not a cause for concern. I did mention the cold, but as that seems to be going, there was no requirement for action, and it seems that I can stop the anti-fungal drug that I started when my mouth was particularly sore. I also mentioned that I do get a bit breathless, and although that might be the result of the cold, I will probably have a lung function test in the next few months. Finally I saw Rachel (dietician) – I have lost a little weight since I las saw her, but it is up on the last time I was at the clinic, another good sign.

On the domestic front, I hope to be taking over the tenancy on the flat I looked at last week (I had better – nowhere to stay tonight if I don’t!) I am looking forward to having a bit more space and being able to cook for myself, rather than do the round of the four local take-aways week after week. This should improve my diet in both quantity and quality. I have my camera so I’ll post a couple of photos next time.

So on that note, what more can I say but “Onwards and Upwards”!

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  1. Richard on 12 Mar 2009 at 6:02 pm #

    Five finger fulls what would Hancock have said?

    Glad all looks well


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