Tuesday 6th August… Post clinic

Yesterday was clinic day, but I hadn’t been given a time, soon fixed by a phone call, but it was an early one that didn’t give me time to give blood in advance. So I arrived at the allotted time, gave my blood sample and waited to be seen. And waited… and waited… and waited! Eventually after 2 1/2 hours I got to see a new consultant (to me).

To be fair, I think they were waiting for the results of the test. So Haemoglobin was slightly up, platelets are stable and the White cell count was slightly down. More concerning was that my neutrophil count was down, so I am close to being neutropenic, and my creatinine and albumin levels are up. So I need to drink even more water.

I was told to stop taking the ibrutinib for the time being to give my blood and immune system a chance to recover, and that will be reviewed next week, with a view to having more rituximab, ibrutinib and the possibility of lanlidomide (second generation version of thalidomide, (a drug I have had before) which boosts the immune system.

So a respite from some of the drugs, then Oneards and Upwards!

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