Wednesday 16 July… A waiting game

Just realised that I havent posted for a few days. Its been a bit of a torrid week. I had the rituximab as an outpatient last week, so I was hoping for a significant reduction in my white cell count when I went to clinic on Monday.

Alas, that was not the case, in fact they had risen and the conclusion is that the combination isn’t working.
So the plan is to have a short course of more conventional chemo as an inpatient over three days. I was hoping to be admitted yesterday, but there were no beds available, so I am hoping that I will be admitted today.

I was supposed to be going away this week-end for an annual reunion with my university flat mates and friends, but that is on hold at the moment. However I did have a superb evening at a Soul/Motown music festival last Friday – I found the energy for about an hour on the dance floor! 🙂

But I havent been sleeping well, with sundry aches and pains, so I hope that treatment will start soon.

Onwards and Upwards? I hope so! 🙂

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