Thursday 4 July… treatment starts!

Mixed day today I woke up in the night with a numb mouth (almost like a dental injection effect) and again when I woke. Although it soon wore off, I mentioned it to the registrar who launched into a stroke/TIA (transient ischaemic attack – medical term for a stroke!) assessment. Happily it should nothing untoward and it was thought that it might have been a consequence of the high white cell count (WCC). It seems that my WCC is still increasing which isn’t very good news. I had bloods taken again this morning before the rituximab.

Anyway, the rituximab was started this afternoon, again a half dose to mitigate against Tumour Lysis and preceded by Piriton (which promptly made me drowsy!)

One very welcome visitor this evening, but just as I thought I would be drip free this evening, a bag of saline with added magnesium turned up. I had more bloods taken tonight so I hope they will at least show a slow down in the rate of increase, and at best a reversal.

I get the second half of the drug tomorrow and I hope I will then be able to go home!

So cautiously onwards and I hope Upwards! 🙂

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