Sunday 20th January… and out!

A quick but productive stay at Southampton, but I am now safely back home! To summarise yesterday, after I was admitted, I had a litre of saline with Magnesium overnight. Interestingly I was on the bone marrow transplant ward, all individual rooms, so I had quite a quiet night. Funnily enough, I was a floor below the ward I was on in 2007, with the same view over the blood transfusion unit – however the weather was much better today, and I am in much better physical shape than I was then!

My window this morning

The big question this morning was whether my blood chemistry had improved enough to let me go home or whether I needed more saline, which the morning blood tests would determine.

But first…breakfast!

Breakfast – What, no bacon?

Eventually the on-call oncology consultant came to see me and the results should that while one parameter had improved, another had slightly deteriorated, but overall, he felt it was safe to let me go home, seeing that I have a follow-up appointment at Guy’s on Wednesday.

So my job tomorrow is to send my blood results to the Cancer Nurse Specialist (Karen) tomorrow, give her the names of the CNS at Southampton so they can liaise, and see if I should have another blood test before Wednesday, ‘just in case’ (and I have an order form for that purpose.)

To sum up, the Consultant at Southampton said that their job is to make sure I am safe, in the clinical context (and they only have a snapshot taken yesterday and today) and to treat that as required, given that Guy’s have overall management. And this they did splendidly! It was also reassuring to get consistent reports about the cause of the oedema (almost certainly the steroids).

So, more bloods tomorrow, and then up to London on Wednesday when I hope the treatment and management plans will be revealed.

Finally I must thank the many friends who have sent me messages of support during the last three weeks, and my family, and one (Amanda) who has shunted me to and from Southampton yesterday and today. Thank you!

Not sure when the next update will be – so you will just have to check in and see! 🙂

Onwards and Upwards!

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