Wednesday… update time

Another fairly busy week. I was home alone again at the weekend, with Felicity off at Henley, and then on to Hampton Court for the flower show. I arrived home to find the max/min thermometer in the conservatory registering 67C (!), candle wax over the table and floor under some sad looking flat candles, and some decidedly sick looking plants (a rubber plant and a clivia) togrether with a very unhappy looking cyclamen in the kitchen. Fortunately the greenhouse and baskets had received some attention (TLC is probably over-stating it). However over the weekend, I cleaned up the wax, possibly saved the plants and did one or other bits of tidying up.

Rachael came home from Magalufe on Sunday afternoon, while I was doing a full back-up of the new webserver – not helped by the tape drive overheating and one or two other problems. However I got it all done and returned to Corsham on Sunday evening!

On the down side, I discovered that someone in the (large, open plan, air conditioned) office has been diagnosed with swine flue. It seems it was about 2 weeks ago, so we are waiting to see who (if anyone) will be the next to succumb. (Note to self, must ring Guy’s for guidance!)

However all seems well so far, I was out at meetings yesterday, the sun is (pretty much) shining, so…

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Richard on 09 Jul 2009 at 11:30 pm #

    Hopefully all should be well as I thought incubation was about 10 days for the good old pig cold snuffles.

    Now there are thousands in the UK perhaps the ‘trade/Government’ will get on with the vaccine. You should get into the queue early Peter, when available.

    Good luck


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