Monday 17 June… A few days away in France!

I have returned from a few days away in France, helping Mark doing some work on his house. You may remember that I was there a few weeks ago, this was a trip to complete one job and carry out a couple more. The first one was putting up more insulated plasterboard on the sloping roof (this room will eventually be the main bedroom.)

That was followed by some work to run central heating pipes from the cellar to the new room…  Drilling te holes through the tiles, concrete and wood into the cellar was reasonably straightforward and quick.  “Ah” we thought, “this is going well!” Alas it was not to be as the next photo shows

Where drilling through the ceiling was not straightforward, not helped by the failure of two power tools! And that was just the start as we drilled into a waste pipe in the up stairs bathroom  –  which  slowed  us  down  a  bit! However we did get the pipes run in – they just need to be boxed in.

We did a bit of slab laying on the last day, and some work in the garden with the ride on lawnmower and the grass cutter on the tractor.

Healthwise, all seems to be going well, I have an eye appointment at Southampton (my eyes have been better recently – which could be the Ibrutinib as it can be used to control GVHD, or I might be being a bit more careful in applying the various eyedrops etc. Next week I have my CT scan, and I should get the results at my next check up in July. I haven’t heard anything about my recent blood test, so I am taking that as good news!

Onwards and upwards!

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