Friday 31st May… Wet wet wet!

No, not the weather, but me yesterday as I got back in the water for some diving. My medical certificate came through this week, so it was the first opportunity to get back into the water since my relapse. I did do a bit last year, but tis was a chance to do some drills and get used to a couple of new bits of kit. Im also doing a boat dive next week as part of the 75th D-day celebrations.

So it was off to Vobster Quay at a reasonably civilised hour with a dive buddy for a couple of 30 minute dives.

Vobster Quay

It doesn’t seem much time under water, but part of the fun is being out with like-minded individuals with a common purpose.

Me in my wet suit!

We did some drills which highlighted a (fixable) problem with a new mask, so it was good to find that out in the more benign environment of a sheltered water site!

I was quite tired when I got back – a combination of physical exertion, and fresh air, but a sense of satisfaction! The only downside is getting all the kit dry when I got home, but it was fairly sunny in the evening, and it got reasonably dry – Ill be hanging it on the line this morning to finish the process.

And for those that are interested, this is one of the dive profiles!

So while yesterday, diving might have been onward and downward, overall definitely onwards and upwards!

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