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Saturday 12th January … Mixed news

I had a reasonably good sleep last night, punctuated by the usual ward sounds, observations etc. I was woken by the breakfast trolley – I am definitely developing the munchies! Then followed the usual routines; more observations, bloods and my second dose of prednisolone! All done and then a quick visit by a haematology registrar […]

Friday 11th January… Treatment starts!

As I said yesterday, pre-treatment started yesterday, but this morning I had the first dose of steroids, 30mg of prednisolone. Not the largest dose but that is to keep the rate of breakdown low for the reasons I outlined yesterday. But prior to that I had an echocardiogram just to ensure all the valves are […]

Wednesday 9th January… Day release?

I’m writing this a bit earlier today – when I first started it back in 2006, most of noteworthy activities were in the morning, but this stay has had things going on pretty much all day. But I digress 🙂 … I had a quiet night (apart from at 6am when the blood pressure machine […]

Tuesday 8th January … not good news

Just after I published yesterday’s blog, I had a visit from the haematology consultant to say that the results were back from the scan and they showed several lump nodes were lighting up. These are in a band round my abdomen and along the top of my bowel . Just got good measure, there was […]

Saturday 5th January – quiet day in town!

A very quiet day! The drip was removed in the early hours while I was asleep – and I must have been deeply asleep because it didn’t wake me! I was expecting to be reconnected during the day, but it wasn’t, although I still have the cannula in place. My blood pressure was a bit […]


Oh dear, the food police appear to be active according to this report from the BBC website. I believe it was also covered in one of the daily papers. That is a great pity because I have just started fully enjoying bacon sandwiches again! This is for two reasons. The first is that my sense […]

Friday… PET scan 20 completed!

And it was up at silly o’clock yesterday morning, for a quick breakfast before starting my pre-PET scan fast! Then back on the well worn path to Guy’s again although actually a slightly different path as the trackwork NetworkRail are doing round Basingstoke meant that I travelled a different route – but that is by-the-by. […]

Thursday… Change of plan!

Yesterday afternoon I had a ‘phone call from Margaret, the PET scan centre manager at St Thomas’s! It appears that Dr Kazmi is keen to get the PET scan a bit earlier than we had thought, and it just so happens that there is a slot free at 2:15 this afternoon – which I have […]

Wednesday… A new blog is born!

Just a quick post to say that I have launched PaytientCrime which is now up and running. Initially concentrating on PatientLine, which started the debate, I will also welcome posts on other companies who appear to be exploiting a market position to take advantage of sick people. The blog differs from this one in that […]

Easter Sunday

And to repeat the last blog greeting – Happy Easter everyone! The sun is shining brightly down here – it is a lovely day – almost BBQ weather! However the real reason for this post is to draw your attention to a new comment on The PatientLine Scam post. I have just released this from […]

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