Monday 21st January… A new era?

Well, what started as another  ordinary day turned out in quite an unexpected way!

I woke earlier than normal with quite severe stomach pains, almost stomach cramp.  That was followed by a call from a nurse specialist from Southampton asking when I was going for my blood tests – we arranged 12ish.

Katie called to see if I needed anything and said she would take me to Southampton – so all was well…

Until I sat down to wait for Katie when the cramps started again, so I took myself back to acute oncology, slightly worried that something might be obstructed.

Anyway, turns out there isn’t, but could be pressure on my bowel and I was given some pain relief and admitted.

Which was good, but there were some long tri-lateral discussions between Guys, Southampton and me, with the result that my care will be transferred to Southampton from Guys and all the recent reports, scans, tests are being sent down.

Logically it makes sense as friends and family live here, and while I was fine dashing up to London for follow ups 10 years ago, I am that bit older now!  Southampton is a Centre of Excellence for cancer services, and Professor Johnson is a world renowned expert in Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

But Guys and the lovely people there have been part of my life and kept me going for so long, the thought of leaving is a bit of a wrench.  I have been many clinicians and support staff who have treated me over the years, to all I give my heartfelt thanks.

So we continue – Onwards and Upwards!

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