Friday… Late Effects Clinic and a trip down memory lane!

Yesterday saw me returning to Guy’s for my check up at Guys. It is 5 years sin ce the donor transplant, and the protocol dictates that I should have a bone marrow biopsy, and on Tuesday I received a phone call saying that one had been booked for me in the Haematology Day Centre. So […]

Tuesday… haematology clinic

It seems ages since I was last at the clinic – probably because it is! All went well, with nothing abnormal found apart from a single liver enzyme taken from my ECP blood test that is 20 times normal value! No explanation especially as everything else was fine. So it is either a false reading […]

Monday… let it snow…

And it is – as I write! I was up early this morning to find a reasonable dusting of snow on the car, ready to drive up to the West Country. Given the snow, I decided that driving across Salisbury Plain was not a good idea! In fact the A34 was pretty clear up to […]

Transplant Thursday

Today started badly! Although the pneumatic drills and trucks were silent, and I had a good nights sleep (aided by a half bottle of wine that last night’s visitor, Melinda brought in!) I was unpleasantly surprised to discover that 0845 and all external access from my phone has been blocked. At the moment I am […]